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Here at Dragonfoot Martial Arts Centre we would like you to "try before you buy". Come down, train, enjoy and get fit.


All we ask is you book you in to an appropriate lesson.

To find out more, read below

Take Advantage of our Special Offer - Click the green button below for your FREE Introductory Program that includes a FREE Kickboxing lesson.


One of our world class Instructors will take care of you

There is absolutely no obligation or charge for this introductory program.


If you choose not to continue with us - we'll even give you alternative ideas - and, even recommend our competitors - if there is a program more appropriate for your needs.

Obviously, we think you'll find our program very valuable and interesting but - you have no risk and no obligation - and nothing to lose, but everything to gain by trying our program.

On the day, please arrive in plenty of time, wear sweats and t-shirt.

Refreshments are available at our fully equipped centre.

(Select cash option, we then do not charge on arrival for your first class)

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