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Team Dragonfoot


Chief Instructor 
Jon  'Dragonfoot' Green 7th Dan

Chief instructor Jon “Dragonfoot” Green is a 7th Dan who started training in martial arts at around 11yrs old.  Firstly in Tae Kwon Do, then Traditional Shotokan Karate.

These styles were not suited to Jon so he ventured into Boxing to which the level of contact was much more to Jon’s liking.

Although Jon loved boxing he has always loved the idea of being able to kick. Boxing was 2nd nature to Jon whereas kicking required much more hard work and dedication.

The challenge of mastering kicking is what attracted Jon back into martial arts. A local freestyle kickboxing club had just opened in Wath-Upon-Dearne under the instruction of Marc Cordingly Red lion Freestyle was to turn Jon’s life around.

Jon started to compete in the open competitions, his first competition was EMA British Championships which Jon won!

Following on from this Jon won various competitions & titles including YKC Grand champion, EMA English, British & Grand Championships,  FSK grand championships, WKA National & World Championships, WAKO British, Irish, Dutch, African and European Championships,  Combat International, Combat World open,  Heyashi World open, MAI International,


As a result Jon soon began to stand out from the crowd, and his talent was spotted by world-renowned coach Brian Beck.

Jon was swiftly enlisted by Brian into the All Stars Team which represented England across various continents with Jon having the same success  internationally as he had nationally.

Jon went on to win the highly acclaimed Irish Open then Battle of Europe in Groningen Holland & the African open in South Africa, to name but a few while being a part of the All Stars Team throughout the late 90’s.

As a competitor Jon would more often than not be fighting every weekend with a “have gum shield will travel motto!” taking on anyone anywhere.

Like any fighter Jon was always looking for the next challenge by chance on a night out bumped into a true legend of Full Contact Kickboxing WKA World Champion Arthur “Locky” O’loughlin.

This was the biggest turning point in Jon’s Martial Arts career already a World Champion what could Locky offer?

Jon says “I hold all my previous instructors in the highest of regard, but Arthur truly polished me off to be the fighter I am today”

Jon trained in Full contact kickboxing under Arthur O’loughlin and carried on his success winning further National, International and World Championships.


In 1999 Jon and Sister Bridie Murphy opened the Combat Freestyle Kickboxing Academy, & CFKA was born!

From 1999 to 2001 Team CFKA also had much success under the instruction of Jon Green winning many National championships.

2001 Jon turned pro winning Pro British titles, through having regular medicals for pro fights, one doctor noticed something was not right with one of Jon’s eyes. To which Jon sought out further medical advice to which doctors suspected Jon may have a cancer of the eye.

Jon underwent surgery to remove the growth off of his eye which thankfully turned out not to be cancerous,  but would have over time meant the loss of his sight in that eye. The healing period of this took over 12 months, which saw Jon cease from fighting as a result Jon turned his 100% focus into Team CFKA taking his team of fighters to new levels.

Team CFKA had fighters both Pro & Amateur fighting nationally and internationally winning respect along with titles.

In 2002 when supporting professional shows, announcing Team CFKA to ringside used to be a mouthful for the MC’s to which a name change was required. Dragonfoot Gym was born! Since 2002 Dragonfoot Gym carried on the successes that Team CFKA had winning many National, International & World events and titles.


Dragonfoot Gym travelled the world fighting every one they could, with wanting to fight in their own back yard in front of a home crowd in 2006 Dragonfoot Promotions was born. Since 2006 Dragonfoot Promotions has been promoting World class professional shows whilst also flying in the best fighters available to ensure reputable title bouts were contested.

Dragonfoot promotions motto is “to be the Best you have to beat the Best! 2006-2012 saw Jon come out of retirement fighting anyone anywhere anytime! In 2010 Jon returned back to Boxing and fought most weekends sometime 3 times a week as Jon says “runners run, swimmers swim… Fighters Fight!”

Jon as a fighter never had a perfect record having a mixture of wins and losses, Jon says… ”losses only made my determination stronger, at one point winning became normal a loss soon shook things up and fired up the hunger!

Losing is an important part of anyone’s developments winning is the overall goal but unless you have lost, how will you know why you must win and what your limitations truly are.

To date Dragonfoot Gym has fighters representing the camp in both Boxing and Martial Arts, Under Chief Instructor Jon “Dragonfoot” Green 6th Dan.

In 2017 Jon founded the World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO) to see more visit 

“Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered,

Those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid.

Thus the wise win before the fight, while the ignorant fight to win”


Train Hard….Fight Easy!



Graham Blackwell 4th Dan has won multiple British and International titles in the sport of points fighting and light contact. Graham also fought twice for the professional full contact WUMA Heavyweight World Title in 2 very close bouts.

Graham has over 20yrs martial arts experience and is a much loved and respected member of the DMAC instructors team.

Graham has been Jon’s right hand man since 2001 helping coach beginners & new comers whilst also pushing the pros through their paces.

We have a real team ethic at DMAC we are here for each other from the start and all the way through.

Graham Blackwell 4th Dan

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