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White Red Belt - Grading Criteria

  • 9Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Combinations & Techniques for students to learn in order to be assessed for their grading. Starting at Red/White Belt (8th KYU) these combos are rehearsed throughout as these are fundamental combinations to aid successful sparring and competing. Combo 1: Left Jab Combo 2: Left Jab / Right Cross Combo 3: Front Kick (Left Leg) / Left Jab / Right Cross Combo 4: Left Jab / Right Cross / Round Kick (Left leg) Combo 5: Left Jab / Right Cross / Left Hook / Round Kick (Right Leg) Punch Techniques: Straight Punches (Front & Reverse) Rising Punches (Front & Reverse) Hook Punches (Front & Reverse) Kicking Techniques: Close Quarter Front Kicks (Front & Reverse) Front Kicks (Front & Reverse) Round Kicks (Front & Reverse) Defence Techniques: Rising Forearm Block (Front & Reverse) Palm Block (Front & Reverse) Rising Elbow Block (Front & Reverse) Knee Block (Front & Reverse) Defence Applications: Attacker:- Round Punch Defender:- Rising Elbow Block Counter Hook Punch Attacker:- Front Kick Defender:- Knee Block Counter Front Kick Attacker:- Straight Punch Defender:- Rising Forearm Block Straight Punch

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