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Here at Dragonfoot Gym we are extremely fortunate that our chief instructor Jon Green 6th Dan, wrote and design all the Covid-19 resources and training materials used for the World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO).

Team Dragonfoot staff and members are fully compliant with all Covid-19 rules and regulations stipulated by the UK government. 

Instructors have undertaken and passed WKO Covid-19 courses and achieved recognised certification.

Team Dragonfoot Risk & Method Statements are used as an example globally of how to ensure ours and other gyms are Covid-19 secure training environments.

Classes at the moment are restricted to a maximum of 13 members. Which is in line with regulations were are actually allowed up to 30 members in a class. But by limiting to just 13 at a time we are furthermore limiting the exposure for our members so reducing the risk of infection.

We have a vetting and monitoring system in place to ensure no members train with us if they are showing symptoms, and must be Symptom free for 2 weeks prior to starting with us. We use track and trace so if we do have a report of an infection we can act fast to ensure we do all we can to limit the spread of infection.

Our control measures are as follows:


  • Classes are reduced in line with requirements

  • All classes are online booking only to ensure no overcrowding

  • No members are allowed to train if showing Covid-19 symptoms

  • Classes are grouped by ages to form a bubble 

  • We have Covid-19 compliance signs around the gym

  • Hand sanitisers placed at the entrance and in toilettes 

  • Classes are also reduced to 45 minutes to ensure again we are limiting the risks where can

  • All members are allocated own floor space

  • Each member is allocated an individual punch bag for use throughout the class

  • All floor areas are sanitised by using Antibacterial solution between classes. 

  • All punch bags are sanitised using Antiviral solution between classes

We may have Covid19 restrictions in place, but the quality of our provision is not sacrificed as members have a minimum allocated floor space of 6 meters squared and own punch bag for the duration of the session. Where average calories being burned are between 400-800 calories. And of course learning Martial Arts & Boxing from World Class trainers of Champions at Team Dragonfoot. 

Click on the links below to view our documents:

Our members Covid-19  Testimonials:

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