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Team Dragonfoot Conquer the WORLD!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Team Dragonfoot members qualified to represent WKA England at the Unified World Championships 2017.

Tipped as the Kickboxing team to beat martial arts teams from around the world did their best to win but dragonfoot members were too strong, too fit, too smart and overall too much.

And won in jaw dropping style:

  • Freddie Clark 8yrs Multiple Silver Medalist

  • Leona Smyth 8yrs Gold Medlist

  • Mason Pallant 8yrs Unified World Champion

  • Morgan Freeman 14yrs Unified World Champion

  • Ethan Harlow 14yrs 4 times Unified World Champion

  • Tristan Harlow 11yrs 5 Times Unified World Champion

Out of 5000 competitor from around the world to simply reach the medal stages is some accomplishment. But for 5 out 6 members to be crowned Unified World Champion is astounding.

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